This Project has been online for a while and is lacking some sharing on social platforms. It was a good deal of Design challenges together and I had to pretty much solve all animations and interactive elements on one go. The main goal was to achieve a comprehensible set of media clarifying the main challenges that the electrical industry faces on the way to change to alternative sources. All research and texts by Wissenswerte, programmed by Barcelona-based programmer and researcher Guillem Francès.

A Youtube channel containing all individual animations:


a project aiming to examine the existing data sources about the distribution of violence in colombia

A small set of screenshots of a demo-program I wrote for the periscopio project. Data about violence in Colombia is a very delicate issue that is rarely approached by non-academics or researchers. Usable tools or proposals to visualize the existing data and its inconsistencies cannot be found anywhere and the project aims to respond to those lackings, even though that same difficulty in accessing meaningful datasets is also hindering the project’s development.